Don’t sulk in your bitter it will only split 

silk brocades cut for those that are stuck on

the twelve rejection and a clothed eared 

Man I stagger through the fountain nights 

followed by thirteenth calendar days 

That had me Jekled into introverted 


You could to see it’s a misspelt Japanese 

maths lesson translated into English 

let’s set list and retune as sumo’s chill out 

sending out for cleaning in the silica 

a chow hound looks down your blouse 

as it frolics beneath spelt windmills 

recreating climax moves with tortoise.

This is not the greece in honeymoon prints 

Where water was clear and the motorcycle 

Imported for drachma tourists go faster

Than the nudes Wading around islands of 

unmade olive groves of ancient dry river beds.