Otter in tea box’s.

When a mammoth dry mouthed 

Hello and was caught well short 

Beside rubber plant

His gentlemanly Relish 

in Landed conjunction of bridge 

during nuclear testing 

his last conscientious thought 

was not where’s 

my coat or whether to correct 

uphemism with emphasis 

on the drought causing emphysema 

As tobacco was Lighty rolled 

To clock watch the desert tsunami 

and those wishes for surfing Lessons 

never materialised as the water was 

Hard boiled and bottled in the 

South chinese sea so salty 

the otter finally realised it’s 

Dreams floating in its 

Memory’s of tea box seclusion 

To find there’s no need to walk 

On water when the olive branches

Growing one day may Fuel

The apocalypse of serpents 

And this subjective unfurling flags 

Of beach safety in red shorts 

We sung in harmony of dubious 

Natural causes while gargling 

The soda a dog early refused 

On the grounds of diminishing 

Light and the publican 

Responsible for the howling 

Bowls dripping taps annual 

Trip to review Nocturnal 

punch ringing mourtary  

Bells intuition than a

paralysed Atrophy for 

failing in Ones own life 


Hands stretched out 

Exclaiming you got all 

This read these.