What with the dark parodies of 

Beta by nature tons of Chinese 

Steel covered in Graffiti bridging 

Loans to buy sea urchins 

shaping captivity in Hulls 

and not on Inventories 

of self defence manifest 

Boys coverting the job 

Of if and when Sputnik

Needs repainting 

timber fences passed off 

As spoiled palms in cementrys 

revolution in speaking easy 

preaching corpses 

Toungues and keeping with 

workman shy of a full moon

Regiments making woman’s 

coats Out of Punched holed 

newsstand hypocrisy spy’s 

Contents akin to Golden gate

Black and white Architectural   

Footage of Boxing day mermaids

seemed like the reply that 

Brass fade we all need rainbows 

In our life but were priced out 

Exhaustively searching for the

minus Reducer to red cracker 

songs with scaffolds above 

The only solution where would 

One plus one learn too sail 

and knot craft those mustang 

emotions you yearning too dream

escape the by products of Spring 

the shipwrecked fleet 

Made of dry dock Windmill shares 

and merry mercenaries 

Taking you too task over religion 

with navy portion Curaçao  

that are hummed on rolling 

Red lips of fishing trips learning 

of earlier canutes who 

Couldn’t count on 

Tides building Makeshift 

bobbins that float on sea

a gravel beach with a 

Information stop in eye shot 

and the lost dog on booked 

Marked rabbit lap dancing with 

The Cast of yesterday’s 

Top deck island chicken 

Bones being swept up into furnace 

Of masters route the notes 

For serendipity collected and 

mixed with the alchemy of

unsold gold plucked for glue 

The Catch laying decomposing 

daily With flies awaiting glove

to swat the befriended 

And reblended over advertised 

coffee in flasks while tyres 

Of burning pyres recreate 

procrastinating Montes 

misty eyed banana boat 

Day on location painting 

A central located haven

For horoscope collectors 

Often watch claymation 

television On weekend 

visits with Archers 

Loose leafs of  Mayfair 

calculating postage within 

The confines and fall in the 

Bow bottom market looking 

For yew to make longitude 

With one in Five adios 

Never make the ratio latitude 

Ferry terminus when 

Short after spending pie change 

For the eighteen zero two 

Across the harbour dozen 

Ready to serve second 

helpings of Olympus 

Sized lipstick Proposals 

Amongst the pipe makers 

Sheathed of waste paper

Chronicling and banking on 

The mayflower making 

pentangles decided on the 

tides passing sparkling eyes 

Rolling Sardonic trolley 

imperial Measures changed 

attitudes top hat parenting 

in the crotchet crickets in 

Swim set model by the north 

Exit doorstep sandwich 

seventh’s Shaving 

servants fused capacity 

built cerebral Hemisphere 

yodelling In the Stone 

Age conchs.