Patagonia Maths for dinosaurs.

Land mass of archipelago views 

Tracing out rocks trawled from the Blacksea  

Not so long ago displayed alongside dinosaurs

And fossilised prints appeared and vanish under tide.
found on a distant shore of sinking sea fences

Playing jacks waiting for a returning balls

currently creating eyelets and needles 

Alongside Cooks first seen sunrise moorings.

could we transmit This reading via wax amphorae.
And send back warnings as plans to lay wires

Are so sky bound you would break economy 

digging for missing peices of periodic table

And there’s a another keel hauler 

who struck a first class deal whilst on sleeper

whilst trying to take tea with God.
the birds nest and poultry 

Knot strands in your hair 

caped yellow bead from a lost rug

Reminder of a past tense ph test 

love and message that may of Failed 

to reach other doves in cotes .