Patterns of anarchy.

Patterns of anarchy stacked 

Since the Eighteen nineteen’s

Eight Playing hands in birds nests without a view 

A city where every breath and scream

May cause these stacked cards 

empirical powers hidden from the fall 

ground pinching at salt from the wall 

to the billowing sail

changing of regimes and control

Of a north east western territory

Chasing penny vices watching vice 

sail across the world of Smoking sea’s 

the debris of rafts a coin tossed arose

To orange rye nautical miles 

As a diviners Cormorants 

dive deeply amongst opiate visions 

found in a deep rolling seven blue chain 

That can’t be drunk or appeased.
When carved Lions see the play of Charades

And watch through abstract monocle’s 

As a fiddle sets tempo’s on a bow

hand woven and wound twine 

containing language rules 

can your lightbox guide And lead you 

around blind corners from amongst the clouded orbs 

Then chase the chaos into the fading light.