Libation of the poire lightbulbs.

The only things that could complete 

This sentence were a thistle of circles

as Dysfunctional addictions to a popularity 

contest it created as audiences watch the Descent

of a Freshman lost in the sea 

A week is a long time caught within  

Rubber banded claw.


A Personal ad looking for a torso to cling too

For the fathomed climb for air 

Asking for signed directions

As Sofa surfing owls reads aloud.

reconnected by phone card operator 

Obsessed with sampling  rail announcers

disoriented by weather diarys of

Tea huts on hill with views of vales.


Postered help with a recreation 

When a problem can be moved with

visually stimulation.


Dead ends in the nights of lost movements

Libation of the poire lightbulbs 

Brings about consciousness during 

Televised surgery of a opened mind.