Pineapples disputes.

Audio lost in a mainstream dispute 

Over the choice of Destinations 

According to the voice of reason 

We are all still short of constanants

a Hawaii recreation and often a sunset never appears

Because you can’t see the light At this time of the night 

as je Suis introduceds itself as a Pineapple 

That’s silver as the greycoda poultry 

thought to itself that looks dry As well 

As we think of Books based on vacations 

Moving away from red referencing and old Atlas 

And Moving from mono to Stereo fabric softener cant conceal that 

Lost weekend as graffiti improbabilities are endlessly painted over

As he played on with his broken string Launching ships of perfumed lies

Till his knuckles became bluer than sky’s 

But alas the stain was cleared and there’s still a eight ball 

Will the colours pot themselves.