Pit of apostrophe.

Lost in a political pit of apostrophes

The gurgling  of a maelstrom 

Above the canal where they Tried 

and burnt the rice parchment 

Under sixty six seaweed breeze.
Forget me knots left in the deposit box

Chime ringing scheme window awaiting  

A Cat and what to do when you have no value 

As a hostage and are little more than a card 

playing mouse.
As the carriage lays idling by 

to collect spaghetti and junk yard Stetson 

This is not a movie you’d watch 

With porn obsessed friends.
As The day dawned on them and collided

at two with a knock on the door 

the transports Running back around your end.

As Moscow veal arrives in ink bloated pool

And hair pulling may encourage your horns 

to grow out.