Plagégëralien tröis.

Can the countenance of the Geiger counts 

The science of barcodes explain a nations sewing projects 

the disrupted glass beads of fused night in

The company of circled trees constricted 

in their movements.

Laying near the bequeathed ruined citadels 

of the once painted 

plioted flights and a key to the welded black box 

to feed alongside others that once chose to dream.

Brown paper bags and songs dedicated too

alcoholic Poets of onamatapia 

write it sober read it drunk that 

walk amongst the aisles only to Find 

ourself within the presence of obscurity.

to avoid those monsters eyes as you move across  

To the corner of the folded down page

And find others who may of shelved a deposit 

On a one way street and made it back again 

as you learn of those that were caught up in twine

and their own temple rebuilt with stitches.