Posters of ironing curtains.

They say channeling anger into microphones

Will a provide answers and access empathy

It might create a new record of long distance 

Lifes based upon postered campaigns 

radio language lost on listening ears

curtains draped over shoulders that couldn’t 

hold the sunlight back 

Iron Sickle cellulose viewed Under microscopes 

creating programmed regressions 

scrapped metals misinterrupted transmissions.

As they rush the flooded sentinels

concreted comic books graffiti aging walls

Smashed recording devices and tapes to hang

Empty Vodka bottles from miniature citrus trees 

empty like me as vast as the most negative emotion 

the ocean is now full Of Sunken ships in bottles

And messages that never reached their end

no oil but a spill that could burn for days.

and create blockades to crates of Cretian lemonade

Revisiting Televised pictures thirty years on 

the place has seen architects remodel 

Digging down and your see the old records 

hidden below lines of photographic sight.