Pottery Ninespine.

Looking at the blood stain eyes with caution  

To see if worms turned its thread indiscretions 

A Moth spent months chasing beaten hat’s 

That’s a long run round around a third 

of a dry mouth whilst some repaint 

hand crafted clogs and shoes.


Releasing ninespine amongst scrap 

toxins doubling and surviving

numerous  silver Evolution.


The music that grew as tired eyes 

of easy listening to the overtures 

frequenting the motorway Journeys 

Of childhood looking for an audience 

with the Profession Know as kiln stone 

graphs that defered on reverence 

sermon left with the leafs and the 

Clouds above the abodes of 

Architecture below stretching 

The realms of mood lighting Orange roads 

so wet they can Grow wine with 

the water year On year 

they built a pharaohs tomb

In south meridian to sail towards 

the lands of mountainous  

mounds built on green pavilion.