Protracted faux paw.

You look as lost to this world as i once did 

As you Palm at those hand me down cards

Drawn out so many times they are curving.
as the lips light on stars that once curled

brush away all those blue tears with a back hand

As the black and white mono movers shake

faux worded as era armed try defining colour.
As they dedicate those that once lived to stone 

As you Look down at the protracted leafs 

and what could of been grown.
With all that delayed and muted time 

that you can’t hold or control as you 

Learn Of those that are worn as 

Hand me down tablature on three cup hustle.
That tried to fell a sapling by a spring 

as the world that tried retuning in 

and then moved building blocks and 

took on loans to move the boarded street.