Puddle of milked duds.

Anti tank childhood books of progressive rule 

changes to fit the coloured suits of violent Nature 

cards on the table puddle of milked duds 

and mice on parquet floor clogging out wishes 

They hide within the white wellington beginnings 

to escape the shouting amongst the 

top brass anchors free winding history 

twentyfold threefolded painted faces 

Like Tyres stacked totems to great reeding 

Of the tagged red and switched brigadiös 

Weaving ghosts of gunpowder and where 

The cart horse leads the imitation carnival  

Can’t be farther from the steep climbs 

to those wide arms over the ocean 

as contortions of mirrors the bad runs 

Of luck with girl fridays stretched across 

Spikes and calling all cat eyes flashers 

To shave their lips to aid and abet

the boil in the bag loose ends 

of gensis loom  of volcanic sparks.