Pumpernickel mule. 

The Mule Caught the tail end 

of a hiding too nothing 

out of the ordinary 

a mourtary featuring 

overalls of crowding.


around the gift wrapped 

pumpernickel’s hoaxing 

The landscape with it rattle.


Between the working week 

Passing places of shoes missing

Skin and oil baking luncheon 

Meets and greeting the 

Day glow argonauts of mustang 

Neons far .


perspective of finding a taxidermist 

To preserve grinding railway dead. 


Of porcelain ducks a pulse 

At Rest the glaze shows  

Overexposed possessiveness  

Clock the control.


The arc of posidean rusting 

Giant in suspense of tidal

Bellyaches debonair and 

Deboned pathogens of 

Black Death lecturns.


The desert sun blew itself out