Rum Pun stencil.

Rum pun stencil Sleet and chalk that walk 

Oy steer that ring will cause you no end

As of grief i mount that bother in parks 

and borrow bow ties for a airport pat down 

As thou Belly swells with assam bow lines.
Trees muse around a sum with wry tendencies 

As you flick that dime at that can for the hours 

misspent cloaked and sheathed.
sauntering in at nine paces out of ten 

watching different Ideas of man 

And Mounts and southern trains 

to gain all the intended wants.
As it conjurers and makes waves returning 

Digits into steeple of strings and lilac leafs

Picking wired teeth out from bamboo tumbler.
No Bly can erase tattered ton of dreams 

Interrupted And If I miss a mark it was intended 

could you read the puncturated red ten

Uniting nations with stencil strength.