Regional hand gestures.

You can buy a rocket to commenerate

The commencement of a race to hear 

The moons first words.
Regional hand gestures seen from space

A empty street of the window dressed 

launch control buttons.

two hearts drummers beats 

of late night switch Glass radio 

viewing platforms from a hearth 

of a valve operation Who Trained the surgeon 

rescued from a Swedish Drama

With fears of steam rooms and drowning.
The engine roars seem tearful exhaustive 

Twin sided board and Leather caps

Resting days from incessant sectoring bells

Cutting strings and unbinding flamenco.
Go launch team international fears

Of a picturesque questioning villagers 

to the pier With plans to build 

Replica model rockets.
Distracted by a missing son

On which witches road 

And will the strange mice lead us too

Simmering tea and the toy shop stop.