Remix distress.

Are you lost in those views seen from stationary trains 

remixed eighties to high gains now distressed 

and charmed as Throwbacks to a childhood 

often spent Inking flying white knuckle 

hand signals whilst reading about false 


deliverance of  evil and eccentric  examples

of the drinking game behaviour Cultivated 

On terminus bound by a sense of this sphere.

three popped as gender less undress to 

Cross the by and by we all have a vice 

Some are layed bare and televised.

As Friday shows you new places to keep

Your vuvuzela horn live on screen.

Your Vote for the mite treatment literati  

Pointing past to saddle worn sidings

wrapped and tied With gnawed Tattoo bones 

and thigh highs.

Members often pass on what is the hour 

under stalls mentioning cleavage 

tetra lights Name changing over freezing  

mime fields of fly by night overseas

Cotton vestibule makers.

Trancing out hieroglyphics fireworks.