Rolling four friends.

we played eye spy at the table 

with planes overhead passengers 

shouting out final orders over paper legs 

those demands heard it’s like we never meet 

All this time spent pondering  

As leifs grow in piles of Rakish thread

Leading back to the unmade bed.

whom played judge to move us on  

trying too fiddle crows feet 

And signatures of a long gone bridge.


Jinx that roof boxed prophet a darling 

For the Lens dipping In and out of  

the shallows filled by the cyclone 

that cried .


Origami petals that may never know 

what it meant too rest at ease 

In this turbulence nest eaten in the 

Bourne in between monsoon.

Where a spoon the balls laid bare palms

on the table a place for hades to rest 

and dine Alfresco San serif alliance 

the Romeo that waits on waifs.


It’s eight brides for which pentagons 

thunder Would begin rolling four friends 

Even with rounded edges nothing’s 

changed In almost fourty years 


And with Holes in Pockets with enough 

loose change You could light a fire and spark 

your heels 

Whilst weeding graves as i twine with you 

and Cast from Astrological lockets 

to mythical stars.