Salem candy.

In every case they look at the blank 

space counting in the there and where

before during and after the boiler froze. 

Registering for off licence the reaction 

Of red to white of false inoculation 

In the opinions of the less we forget 

that reviewers often talk too music at tea 

The missing slice of what could of been 

A vacuum packed Salem candy of bottled blond 

With nets pearls we learnt of those that 

Lead a night of hospital escapees 

Expressing simple acts in kind 

Should we act on what we learned  

The bowls case of sharing influenza 

pyres reborn in the age of flip book possibity

packed for hotels and swung from rung 

Ladders tight ropes above abode the circus 

when Gates came into view of the rock pool

Amedeus murdered orwells dogs having 

Dug his masters creation.