Saturated cats. 

The hen work out video and what that tee shirt said 

about asking seniors out and if they’d like a lemonade 

In their hand spun between their tassels gyros tar fingers 

and why teeth need replacing like table legs that launched 

a thousand cable stations might be self explanatory 

for moist saturated cats calling statuary books 

on timed library card guidelines of bright ideas 

Such as Georgian walks to see what the future held 

of pier maitence watching father son kiss me quick 

milkshakes and trying beer over dim sum hand ties 

Whilst working out the distance raced to be a man 

Your might query how you spent the night stuck 

on tramlines ending hospitalised recreating dramatic 

film scenes behind link fences losing shoes in the shadow 

of the elevated cone and long live the queue to save our souls 

From the costume gods replacing all the red pay phones 

for steel feed green and a drink poured as long as my 

Tail to longevity.