Seams of secrejection.

I didn’t capture you on calico as i could of 

And if I caused you to lose that last feather

the smartest position to find yourself in

often is the last place you would expect to look

as you watch numbers whilst in the cacao queue 

daubed and ready to be stung.

Adulterous movies relay sewing room screens that swing

as you hear snatched conversations that start and ended

Before you could make moves from the right angles 

of darkest rooms Of debutantes well hung blue  

dress waltzes to the horses head.


As I take myself to daylight And Daylight takes my hand 

to the smoked stain autonomous door.


Rejected by the seamstress year after year of fine tooth eye

That over saw the laborious threads of meeting rooms

As orange tiles polarise and arrows point.

to the chart a position that never lies about the start

as opiate algorithm on the violin bows to the chime 

as twirling Komodo lays out the fresh lucky lapin under that spell.


As I take myself to daylight and daylight takes my hand

to the smoke stained autonomous door.

As the education of historic hundred 

Became musical chair race set to 

Treble clef prescription.