Seasonal rewired tree.

Those ideas of being a Seasonal rewired Tree 

leafing through the rules to twiddle wink 

escapism by streaks of steam 

whilst reading obscured eyes of tired dreamers 

on a hesitating branchline of arching dinosaurs 

straddling across the crescent’s scrutiny 

flickering lamps overhead 

13:30 banished as the overtures to 13:31 sweep in 

rising undercurrents whilst descending 

into the metallic cast northen encryptions  

below the river rising through 

snakes coiling around cut roses 

of  delightful calm hiding from a cascading storm 

amongst a backdrop of a commuter belt 

dream of cosmonaut ascending 

to vaults of blue strewn stratospheric hands

drawing leafs along crumbling floors 

as i crawl from a breathless 

meridian tomb of a musician holding strings.