Turquoise diary khinese New Year. Ketchup 

Siskins playing waiting games 

with ying and yang in the frankly 

black tongued belles 

What a knave world for a orange 

Peel Pavlov to be introduced too the 

Reality of fish eyed oriental dancing dog.


If you could rebuild this billet out 

of scaffolds with scarfs of green 

Don’t forget to scare off crows that remind 

the scented load of half empty me.


Then sunshine is a repetitive strain of field 

grown overlooking sand filled hollow.


to plant gutters with handtied trees 

Growing retrospectively 

rusting automobiles where willows hold 

more sway 

than a tank on a screen or a television 

presenting war torn homes.


intelect based on holdings one breath 

Swimming the alantic.