Simulated gull.

Shaving a vowel for a noun in foreign fields 

as a emotion it’s artichokes growing on taverna 

Specimens of rubber plants that silenced the elephant 

rice paper racking and what could not be held back

Is the numbered tooth too forget 

the lovers recasting story’s from carved Cards 

to road signs again Illuminating night time 

entering stags trees in different pose

form the cap locked world of shouting shoals 

Changing words to birdsongs of fisheries 

and would you not recognise a Californian girl friday 

if you were to meet the gulls but can’t simulate the sea

Even with the television there are no guarantees

And there’s no point wagging at the silk screener

When the tee shirt shrunk to fit the scene 

And your facsimiles you smile at 

wouldnt chime with talcum powder hair 

And purring purses on sanitation strings