Shaving equations. 

Shaving equations of the weighted brows 

Bleached gold coasting to the dispirited 

Leafs of filled cemetery’s and brimmed 

Hats left as markers stretched within 

Political landscape holding more attention 

Than your bodiced beach Stripped of Bin bags 

and cloistered railway men looking 

before the Leap Years 

when you were free to escape into surf 

Of a typical blood type beach

Reading hardly bodes well 

taxed the keys of earlier attempt 

at building on miaow’s sanctuary 

If it’s reciprical my skulls and cut sapling

Needs sharpening in a dress rehearsal 

And there’s the taste of blood flowers

In the fading dusk of the day 

The dead end park bench exits 

wigs flying Across the street of used woggle

The chance to film its fifty anniversary.

With generational generosity  

castille bottled with Cinnamon Aplomb 

dropped in Orange Pressed its good 

to dig back story’s Written on yew tree 

dawdling feet Inching around the Canadian 

maze the need about something dry 

To write about forgetting yesterday

Was block printed