Single headlights.

The plural pair sat on benches

she couldnt reveal why 

she didn’t want to wear a watch 

And see the second half of a featurettes  

guilded swans amongst Lily’s.
what to say when your just a incomplete motorbike 

and bit short of being a full romance novel

a book based on a religious maths equation 

You may  been taught to translate wrong.
I cant play that game of cards with you right now

written and sung in a barber busy day

i would just be a apparition of a aurora 

rather than a appetiser 

like the loose leave tea they used to read.

Maybe our moods will improve on a bench down town
where the single headlights go.

There’s no traffic or time called on this road 

and i found that place they call home

Was no plaice as a fish I wished to go.
And if there’s a snake its on ever plural line scrawled 

In precursive script where there’s probably a fire to be extinguished 

By the dog walking the clouds.