Skyline fishing.

Skyline  and a dance to your good health 

rings on one hand as you try fishing the gutters

In the matching bio hazard suits

Turn those Hooks into rings and jeweled bows

Swan feathers to the ballet school girls

Let’s Turn the world around on its pearl 

Nothing but ships off the Greenland coast 

no print of the lost vintage port or airmailed post 

Driving past the Flint walled ice house 

tannoy propaganda Of a dog Intravenous pagan snaked lined

the empty panda night safe

beauty found out on the naughty step drunk and in drying out.
Lovers lane history Caught up with a chimera 

prime numbered from a birth for a fortune cookie life 

chorus line lost in climate change to the tune of a field cuckoo

whilst Apple picking in a cold frame war.
On which a rook took on a ashen face 

Wednesday a day I wasn’t even born 

under aura borealis iris 

Your anger ran out of sugar coating your own action  

Whilst sailing a Viking ship past telecom tower.
Computer hackers citation of fractional deco green  

light a dot to a dash and dash to a dot 

Green Ice hole go fish Inuits interrogation.
match flick tricks of Runaway set to

join the high end of outlet fashion 

Eyelet Visions of a parallel city last seen 

when left on a numbered control 

Bookmarked parchment scanned to screen 

References of the age of paddles and steam.
Shilling pinch for a tenth of pence 

Peace of wisdom of first lost teeth

Milk foil tops build a lifeboat that might save you 

from a spirited cartoon child 

found on poire dice road foundling seven cell clip

the tanks that roll call through rich wool square 

you sunk a tapestry battle ship of Lief 

and the wild rose a whole short of a crown 

Swigging from Glass flasks of toasted wings.
to a rope shire horse the wheel as it parasails

and parasols to change an elevated interchange

flag position only held to be told repeat after me.
Computer hackers citation of fractional deco light  

Light a dot to a dash and dash to a dot 

Green Ice hole go fish Inuit interrogation.