Slicks marrows. 

Would you believe it was the night before 

Crawling around in the dark world 

That umbrellas inhabited 

that are often overhead 

the waves that drakes 

occupying delusional 

Incommunicado spy’s sailed

confused with skimming Tomes

With the mach one frequency of

Being driven into Salt Lakes 

Circling classified’s 

The distractions scented by sculptured 

eculyptus bark.


The neon roulette of go twist your Twine 

A former blini morosely released 

Of fears.


Air thinner than a thermaline 

Alcohol free funerals having watched 

Sushi trains derail and those that fake 

Their death during the word correction 

of miss Pisa Carousel straddling 

the water works facilities.


doowoop crowds mingling Around 

Former cane rouge subterfuge 

Treble clef piano that scorched 

the earth 

Policy’s on posting coitus cigarettes

Whilst alight oh to reason 

with the Light and flame of

the fishing trips to little rock 

Sling a gin over cold shoulders 

and slump into Wing back chairs 

of motorists giving way to Phoenix 

Be damn if you do climb that 

Glass pyramid to witness

A summit of organist Sermon

The strength of combined 

refilled beach featuring 

Post blackout curtain eyes 

Of feminist resolution

Delving into the penny Manx novel 

eroticism soft scooped porn 

Deficient in Prism palette 

boycotting Borders with leafs 

That brought a bow to the bitten 

Nails of croque Monsieur 

Piffiny pift and no business 

Like shrove Tuesday

Sleep walking within sobriety 

closing in on probability

That where love failed too grow 

The cure was in the hedgerows

Not stockpiled on wharfs.