Sobriety enschewed curd. 

The Rum barbur crossed the streets

Off the lists along pharmacist

near to the barrel where they’d 

Meet watch the fish shoot 

the frogs on film steeling 

Lead to find the harmonica 

Where they sat in the spool

Of compromising club’s and soda 

Bugs in the cogs of movie montage 

Wheel proclaiming live’s 

about joining dot’s On dice 

moments spent retrospect 

overstaying the drinks bill on the right

the night penning the craps table 

with crabapple handle score holding 

Sway in a cock hoop away 

the tail ended well as could be expected 

with a flamed coloured Siamese in a bowl 

aptly named sobriety enschewed curd

That was chewed fifty times a day plus 

Two Caffeine tablets equals four

Hours of I spy the cultured banana. 

Gametes missing the shoes to tie 

whilst the Thoughts of repurchasing 

allocation tickets at Dawn 

And the retreading of Souix gates 

Alas I wasn’t drunk enough 

To Repair the roses sitting on 

After thought of Tao Tao toadstools

Spinning hoops around waistbands.