The rise of a Fruit bat.

Fruit bats hung from trees eating robios leafs for a million years 

Talking into each other’s ears starting early in life 

learning to paint the ground 

And there was never a problem 

with creative arts and their Farts and wafting their wings.

The otters swam in moved the furniture around 

and then renamed the cave a hollow

bears started appearing Rolling their own guano in paws 

to start making claw prints to sell.
whilst eating mushrooms which grow in cheese

Because there’s no prize to win in the gallery 

This is a land breath fish called a ery

Consisting of half a original wing.
And this a ancient looking pizza recipe found on antique ceramic pan 

and a coffee bean once eaten by a goat looking for a stylist.

A hare walked upright and rode in on it’s woven magic carpet 

At once it replied to a wall print looking for a cleaner of the planets

And started fishing around in drawers pulling a fred up to live in the cave 

and then started to mold it into a bob.
Time for apple juicing and swimming with snake whilst the tide

Washes the art out and with it any chance of being a cleaner

But there alway our brief time together as tee shirt designers