Spoon therapy.

The thoughts of monkeys 

Indulging in spontaneous 

spoon therapy 

Feeding from flowering 

market Vase.


Laying where matriarch stripped 

The bed bare with the helpful bugs 

consuming arms and legs and arms 

suffix Sir iced 

There were plenty of metallic sentences 

To go around 


Maybe If only you could See 

Beyond the tin and steel wires 

In flesh of train whistles

If which we strain.


What you neglected in Damascus 

Wrapped in your own selfish 

Senses and thirsty desires 

Of The barren desert wombs.

Of words to deconstruct Diary’s 

of Mitrocondrial mournful scaffold 

Of have a fucking nice day 

cotton socks replaced with 

existential misery.


radio franklin wasted a day 

Watching arsonists that played

With Prep school boarding whilst 

Comsuming Halogen neutrality 


with Still no explanation as to

The Failure too debunk the 

Mystery of clutch ignition 

And Freudian birth control 

Coiling around exhausted