Waiting for the unveiling of a secret 

From the doll house behind blackened  

door stencilled with kitsch 

the lost aviators found on dry ski slopes 

Melted by Fermented unrest.


The news stand the making of animated rain 

propping up the Shaft of service men exiting 

to See how far you get trying to bury flying 

fish beneath Athens tombs.


Wearing the rubber gloves of prosthetic 

Mannequin maker called fellatio

the inanimate objection the son who 

Time their travels to watch historic 

fathers Normandy assassin.


whilst climbing a pile of Oxford blues 

Winning medals waiting for the jugs 

spilling lessons in homemade wine 

that was rejection letter with love 

Onto lapels Of past participle 

A tense not accepted or do you not 



Found the beach called plagé and sunbathing 

zeitgeists of prehistory.