Sun turn tables. 

On filing past fez pyre thoughts 

Going long past beer tents 

With Frisbee go floppy disks

when all that’s left of the sun 

Is turn tables of death rattle 

under lime lights of twelfth nights 

Highlights on rotation of 

halcyon those ration book days 

hoops of stitched story’s 

decaffinated beans of one too four 

A selection committee passed 

Curing what ill’s you strobing 

As seagulls scatter litter 

On the playing fields Of 

bragging rights lapels esteem 

and queues for walnuts colleagues 

That couldn’t hold a candle to ten drinks 

Flame mine and the computerise mime.

When watching the Vehemently denial 

the velum sermon crawling on the 

Bowling Floor twisting With Scotchtape

Gauze and orange thorns dykes of 

Accetane one foaming acrid pectin 

The last days of triffids dancing 

to radio salsa branchline 

Hypocrites go Figure three 

of square Pegasus East 

weather of vains captcha 

For data entry exhausted

Oystercatchers build shrine 

To bourn again beach combers 

Gathering pips for Mississippi 

Stockings of nothing ventured 

Then Reno percussionist 

Cymbalised the shaking 

Brass tree of Highway Code

Public displays of affection

Whilst creations obsessed 

Meridian December first 

Abbacus neverland.