The Sunny side up (do crickets lay eggs)

As dark as the night sky was

i knew I’d see a brighter day

two comets danced in the night

skyline on there way

whilst these disenchanted clouds

whistle too these tunes

im to busy now dreaming of this

for you.

and I’m walking down that road

again, it’s funny how life is

but on the sunny side up

its been a brighter, brighter day

because of you

the sun rose up once more

taking with it the doom and gloom

and now the stars they hide away

but I will still find my way back to you

and as long as satelittes are over heard

these words find there way to you

and over hills and far away

we fly through the night

we chase our dreams down

from tumbleweed clouds

man it’s good to get out of this town

and im walking down that road again

its funny how life is

but on the sunny side up

I’m walking down this road again