Taxidermy bi-polar bear.

Dream version 2.30 

a meeting with a prosthetic nose

Wild bird burns nights of a video recreationist

cats run around a land locked sea 

careful with the two mice when alone with a mirror

French language tapes trips off a tounge

hiding in cupboards.

trying hats of taxidermy bear with a pair of guns

Mirrored images map as a reference 

sticking a Soft loss and hoping for hop scotch 

wardrobe change step over a house 

medusa stone rabbit paw

placing new meaning on time traveling

Coastal holiday muse and hesitate on 

geometry helmets and Piano lessons 

manipulation chalk moulded  

valuation anger new vs old art

Adults that size and patent foot grips

remains of the unchanged. 

that lead a path to a pool  

interior exterior video leap around 

art college sums buildings knocked down 

debating rooms on this day. 

Daubbed anarchy chard 

of farm dog with wants and needs. 

Language translate and misuse of words.

people you involve were not even born 

when filming started and the set locations 

moved water works train beer cooler 

monopoly moving image but off the board

 amarda of tin mines