Teenage Graceland.

Coming into the age of international 

Steam landings and teenage gracelands 

wearing the Masks of unrepentant 

carnivorous humans plagued 

By own their global guilt with a drink 

In hand the captain turned 

the reconditioning on and said 

to the rum in side arm 

with the flight as smooth as this lets 

high roll with glamourous wing walkers 

of annual society 

Why bawl and panic Aphrodite when

Rounding in the weather of the 

Desert fairway 

Are silverware cathodes bleaker than

Sweltering greenhouse in the newly built 

Tanning tubes of California Underground 

tourist trail Following its ear nose throat

The lurches beach parading 

Stolen Glassware of glinting 

Razors removing Baird with watching 

Bikini bindhi.