The descent of a wall flower.

Tick took tick took Tokyo

the cats on the wall of flowers

the tap is dripping

the records spinning

a sound,

what sound

silence on a old record

plants and flowers

where’s the tent

that’s a cupboard under the stairs

Hens that boats come in

that’s a car

cat cactus pillow

let’s make ropes and snakes and ladders

thats a tree it’s called a willow

it sometimes flowers

the bed is there

sleep can’t sleep

monsters under the stairs

that’s just a broom and bucket

a new coat comfy

off to the moon

he talks all the time

up there in the clouds

No time  to build a rocket

in your shed

on the beach

I can’t see Dungeness 

you need tall dungarees 

its a cloudy day

dover rubbery sole reasonable I don’t think 

wall sockets porcelain dollars 

lets paint a piano

surf on a cello

thats washing powder

and foam

the this hills flat

thats because your out at sea

how did I get here

this is a petrol station sir

and we are about to close

ive lost my train ticket thoughts