Reverse charge call.

Was there anything to care about that 

we couldnt build a boat to escape 

From the irrelevance of the short handed 

Choir arguing in the background 

over a ordinance with a humidor full 

Of sound bitten tongues Inked With road signs 

to a litmus coast map lined with scales of indiscretions

And the heart of the problem stuck in your head.
until you can establish neutrality 

and to whom laid the eggs on the table

with the spilt salt chucked across the land 

Of draughtman still seated and squaring circular stones.
I shall Lay out Vowels and daytime deckchairs

Figure of eights the time on squid display 

the telephone recording of frequent callers 

The journal of a yellow catalogue Currently called 

Will you accept the Reverse charge call.
Please insert your name for the pornographers

to transfer your call as the Dial end tones 

with the haunted words of Please insert more coins

As you return the tiles from the game board to the bag

to count the triple word score .