The disenchanted clouds

Once upon a time there was an ocean that covered the earth. Plates shifted the lands rose and new life was created. As the moon waxed and waned the tides turned and light was spotted as a new star was born. From humble origins the light it generated spreads chasing away the night time shadows, a great rock appeared from out of nowhere, and Mother Earth was born and dream time arrived and we learnt to transcend great distances mainly in our minds.

People arrived out the dust and ether the Mystics and forefathers spoke of a great time that had been and one day could be again. a great sink hole appeared in the earth and swallowed up the returning nightmares taking them to the deep.

A child descended and cried he had been here before but only had memories of what other people had told him of this world. Cave paintings can’t replace an experience but it gives hope that when these fates collide & planets align a story may start again . A pause is just that a moment of reflection when we see ourselves naked and exposed only when we are at our most vulnerable do we really find out who we were and what we could be and who are friends are.

With the passage of time clothing arrives and we cover ourselves. instead of remembering the happy child inside , we run from them when really we should embrace them. And so a sonnet appeared and these comets chase each other across the night sky. The ashs from a fire  blow in the breeze and seasons come and go. A combination of thoughts and feelings of all the beautiful creations in this new land that have been bestowed on this small blue planet.

I often find myself like a child questioning everything and thinking about what might have been, then I hug my inner child and remember anything is possible we just have to ride those waves and cling onto those beautiful places and people the things that inspire us.

Like all stories some start with a whimper and start with a cry or a wail.the earth  seemed to break in two, and a whale crashed through the water trying to make his escape. Echoes of the lost loves Through time and space and all there was and all that could have been stolen dreams and epiphanies. A broken vision laid out in the sands a tunnel of light you could easily misunderstand the trees that lined these shadow cast fields. the wordplay of childhood games the magic stitched into these very pages events that have been and all the things that have yet to unfold.

The parade that marched by ticker tape confetti rains from the sky blowing in the breeze the remains of a story told in loving memory.
As new seasons now tumble by I write for you. the leaves will soon begin there March to the ground the sun will fall lower behind these clouds. These landscapes that I paint with words the moon grows close and high tides return.

I came from the ocean a million years away dragging myself from the under the undertow to get away from these gods and makers.I hide myself away and turned myself into mother of pearl & silver and many precious stones and fossilized myself away from those that wished to steal the essences and enchantments. as I slept I could hear the rumbles of those disenchanted clouds,the gods throwing their rods of gold to the ground.

The muses wept ice and snow for their betrayal of the throne on the blue planet. The ice crept further and further each day swallowing up more of this world until the sun in the sky could do no more in its battle. the axis tilted and shaked at the middle the moon up high trembled and the rabbit in the moon ran off to those distant constellations hiding away from those that would wish hurt her.

Time paused and reflected on what it could be these lonely polar bears wandered these ice laden lands, fishing in the seas and protecting those who sleep  below. Whilst the universe hums a sweet lullaby for the sleeping dragons snoozing below.

As the years rolled by the ice shelves thaw and slide away revealing a new landscape that hasn’t been seen by mans eyes The swollen rivers and ice capped peaks that glisten above the cave that was once sealed behind mud and rocks now lays open to the elements.  And the winds howl past whistling a tune only the disenchanted clouds could recognize.

The child crawled out into the wilderness and as the sunlight cascades down he turned himself into a bird and flew away.