Ginger brew sticks. (Diary)

Awkward looks along plains not out of place 

on the higher bailed velvet 

the algae stained reservoir game 

of fashionable attire to make debuts 

as the amnesiac gun draws 

fire on False starts.

Grass to smoke and mirrors 

with the brewery name changes to view

Whom couldn’t resist the insistent overtures 

Of the time stopped with the spun Curaçao .


Toes dipped in chromosomes of the three eared 

Candied mandarin continents opposing 

debunkered bones railing to waves 

of sunken rivera stiletto 

in stalls Of Pullmans haircut chairs  

stacked to the tiled hotel of broken 

rules of familiarity breeding in the Engaged 

ammunition dump.


Ginger brew sticks Of raritys not variety pacts 

Of bluffers of under lime tourist that are 

as faded as the hades breaches of imitation.


The last dot line of mute contrast colour.