The oversized hat that fits all.


Getting back on that inked trail
And not looking back
Being a chicken and leaving
The oversized hat i
Left at the station.

Next stop 500 miles
altitude hill climbs
Attitude in the seat behind
Accents unknown.
Not a place that felt like home
All that anger that wasn’t my own.

Lost bags lost minds
Residue of a place
That I could spend a life
Time sitting refereeing
Those past life’s they mentioned
So freely I try not to believe in.

Propaganda slipstreams
jump rope monsters
Deserted towns natures skylines
You wouldn’t believe In.

Television advertising
Family trees smoke stacks
They keep felling drive in
Fallout sirens dreaming
Your place or mine.

Tobacco Bunny girls
Street signs checking
Tickets show us the rocket
Out of here.

This big place called a planet
Poles that started leaning
Restaurant booked tonight
Wood spinning tops and zoom feature.

Progressive common land
The scenery the expletives.
I keep hearing gears grinding
The airfield silence streamers
In the thin air
People shooting guns in fields
Games that are played.

Saving this place with a new religion
Whilst I take another bath
Irony pouring from taps
Tape recordings narrative
Lawn mowing a dust bowl.
New shoots sunbathing
In the snow.