The VCR.

We were saved by cubing oblong solutions 

Not by clubbing irrelevant geometry 

Procedures for remotely controlling 

a directors commentary thats 

So creepy the bugs crawled back 

into wood as the world turns on 

Pivoted chair.

As cold soup is served at the nets 

taking in a tawny port in the storm.

The obvious questions were never solved

By weights hanging on elasticated trousers

As the first of many weddings before 

You had even read twelve night 

And realised your a bigamist 

But that’s the least of your problems.

As cold soup is served at the nets

The tape that self ejects likes rejection letters 

For entry to the Isle of Man 

you’ll need to resign. 

As cold soup is served at the nets 

Taking In a Tawny port in the storm.