Thirteen amp fuse. Diary 

If one plus three is still not a thirteen amp fuse 

and a fusilier is still a fussy reciter 

then Shakespeare’s Lear is 

A must read for obsessively compulsively 

finger counting the imperial wealth 

Darwin left clues out for you 

In the suburbs underbelly 

Crawling from J A C 

Too cotton field ball 

A Memphis supermarket 

Left unattended waiting 

For the towel changing 

German Apple smoke 

the willow brush burning the mill 

much like the empty rumour 

Avignon striped a tent that symbolised 

Empty nest syndrome to bare roots 

to carve a knight that would sail

With a hen beckoning you to walk in 

So cross your name off that drinking list 

noting unexpected Fruits of the forest 

pectin and a tie dyed bouquet

It’s not a lengthy wave 

having made cakes that don’t have 

too be priced and music from 

Charity shops to listen too in 

Cupped hands shaped like 

Soap dish Shell foaming mouths 

Of Sperm whale often decided 

Who survived the barrel ride

Through utopia tides of worms

Chelsea hasn’t existed since 

Road signs were erected by

The Unknown soldiers cloned

Paper drinking the cave painting.