Tinting film (diary).

As tramlines are being Signed out 

with trepidation and Pride Altering 

sweats of nights lost amongst The 

farm as wild flowers are popped 

for its jump roped fears and regrets.

As were caught in the trash compacted Life

the downfall of many a man made high

By society.

tinted films remade that Reveal 

the subjects hidden costs of Chalked 

out plans of green peas and intercity plans

etched in Brass that rained down on the Somme

The Same found on compass of the narwals 

renamed decks of rebuilt ember.

Glasses of Geo grapa and in conclusion

the Stacked heeled horse that tried to clip tröis.

With January Greetings as it wheeled wire off 

In Leap years and Boundary lines.

Only to hit the escape on the Chicken lichen 

Acorns counted with the perfumed girls 

On aisles floors.