To State the obivious.

Would they accept this collect call 

to hear the drunk playing back howl 

and passed syllable in the background bruxing 

irreverence of words typed 

like god could be used when wear your 

jeans to work day as cutting paste 

on a black white blow hole might 

foam and rinse before you spit in purple sink

To state the fifty obvious reasons why

Gentleman relish turnstiles of juniper 

Haven can’t grow into joinery skills of wood alone

Work diving out of the ocean of mustard sling cloth

When laying eggs to make a map of warping world 

Around the digress finer points of arm clench the 

Bare roots of stocking dogs in old socks must 

Say that’s a bouquet and your garnished those 

Pits you sniffed at do well toss the salad fruits 

Now they are over ripe at the willow on feathers

Does one know a salad that grows on wild boars 

Back drop the cherry wood bats that fly in 

The night sky near the established telescopes 

And brew me a tea would you like a mint 

Or tune in too the radio version of Chicago 

If the steif is tired why doesn’t it close its 

Eyes like the dolly cement mixer pick axe 

Tooth picks in retrograde giraffes associated 

With marketeers kites wiper blades grass 

Humanity squash pumpkin sneakers piano 

Ivory so coast yachts treasure island romantics 

Building fishing trades butcher bakery candlestick 

Luthier carpenters quill