Tounge Tied.

I came to that key hole and decided 

I was leaving  once the key turned in the lock.

The post stacking up the vales twisting in twine 

the tea full of emptied out sympathy 

A tongue tied lover surrendering flags

like the fading light of the condescending Day.

Emptying out a caddy  

a life once based on cigarette card which i now frame
telephone premonitions the poster girl  alive 

she’s in the corner of the room again 

the invention of the full stop a day away. 

Intervention , the steam room 

I’m checking out and leaving.
Emptying out a caddy a life once 

based on cigarettes card I now frame.

All the wrong turns turned out to be right. 

Diction ripped apart by ritualistic obsessions 

and hand drawn archetypes.