Twowetta woo.

Stencilling mice into their stetsons 

hung above their brass seabeds 

Watching men trying to edits their 

Mothers Samplers and undo knots.

bamboo abode the diskette jacket farewell 

The misrepresented partitions Of that magnet 

a driving force of static screen and money ball  

the clipped and kept motif’s of Childhood.


starlet into a faded Forbes 

missing morals of greco islands chrome

Running a town down on screen.


there are those apparently braised enough 

to believe they were Kept behind collecting 

empty glasses awaiting a collection 

and refill that throne

without adding twowetta woo to apperitive 

the Problem with flambé brandy 

it rhymes with the Brow the slowest worm 

its busy mind lost in its own issues 

Delving into a world  of jackdaws 

swaying to the day of the dead 

Bronx prays The heat keeps up.


Will you wax my hands to wane 

My model apples 

the gdp that equates to conversing with

The revulsion a stuttco so beige 

I’m green as the postcode screen.


Just as jet is prevalent as the wind 

Manatees ask you to respect privacy when

Audio littering in this turnstiles colony.

No one owns.