Undercover lovers.

She was hot winging it outta here 

It was three am 

those undercover seeking 

Lovers those mystery men 

Of marzipan house 

You don’t see and never speak 

That throttle and roll figures

Eight is great for dinner 

And guess his name was 

Bottle blue 

A hundred scented fillets of 

Signatures where those shoes 

in Greek waves are excuse 

to litter sand with thirst 

Of lanes Such as Felatio 

Amber marching Ulysses  

Saturday relish to the gates

To see the girls who are 

shaved for electric hypocrisy

Liaison’s in Backlight 

Ultraviolet tubes the Desk 

caught on pretty fast and loose 

Creating Nesting brewed tea.

It’s all just a Matter of  Time

Living in my cerebellum 

With listeners with whistlers

tuning in to hawk what 

Would be poured refill Cause 

agreement to Disagree 

beer recipe.