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Taxidermy photos became graphs of

The wild Life that lived on the precipice  

Of the extinct volcanic ridge

And one day may be viewed 

With three coins or with a blue badge in.

As translated elastic terminology is thrown away 

That bounced back during A one legged radial race.

established during.
A heated exchange over missing teak 

cotton hat that tried to grow
where there was a abandoned fishing lake.

Desert now appears now not even a lemon grows

No eating hats here with hankerchiefs 

Of a politically banded caterpillar.


A little to early to say on a spring night 

Your only find your way out 

When all dance cards are counted.
And all the smoke of the hamlets 

Drifts from the orange rock formation

presenting a throughly dramatic ending

Like the film you missed.
Lanterns out lots of fawns on gridded steam

How cans and accepting Offers of 

a Havana club that sailed with a ocean of

Rejected coins previously accepted at the bar 

as duty calls and a Underpass flight.