Velvet Ink blots.

We all began by visualising our own ink blots 

Reasoning before they got the measure of the hat maker

and learnt why a copper tree can’t be stumped

But if you save you might be able to forge a crown.
flipping rings into it’s sundial 

setting a watch over the vales

If you could only now see a mast creak

Under historic weight of scripts made into sail

And find those Pacific eyes on Norse coasts.
Maths that overrode a fearful lead past

pine cones that grow on a stranded beach 

Of a lifes left on frozen films 

As Nocturnal animals swim amongst 

expanding collections of floating lightbulbs

Whilst Minds that Sweep and try to sleep 

Finding room for all these clues Left behind 

in turbulent bear pit of a pier.
As voyeurs watch the tourists spawn 

a life of their own mistakes 

Getting ready to shake them for a high dive.
On a Chequered board we synchronise moves

as engineers might jump start a old rhyme 

to sign write it in the red sky as your God 

asks do you read between the hades Lines 

of a night sea whilst Waiting to take tea.